Cherries – the symbol of childhood

Cherries are among the fruits that the Prodcom Members offer. Cherries are probably ones of the most beloved fruits because of connotations that vibe in our mind when we associate the name of this fruit with its image. First sensation that we have from this association is the taste of childhood with all its significations, childhood that we try to regain when growing up…

Cherries have a special story that goes way back in time, having the birthplace in Asia Minor, in a small city called Kerasounta, their name deriving from the Greek word kerasi. Later, the fruits spread to Italy and then to entire Europe. In Romania, first mention of cherry growing appears with Visina Monastery or Cireasov’ documentary attestation (1470); nowadays cherry plantations appears in many regions in the country. Today Romania is on the 8th place worldwide with a production of 81842 tons in 2011 and owns 56 registered varieties according to State Institute for Variety Tasting and Registration. The most wide-spread varieties through Prodcom’s members are Stella, Van, Bomba de Cotnari, Pietroasele de Cotnari and imported trees varieties are Regina, Kordia, Ferovvia, Merchant and so. Growing cherries has become a tradition in Romania, they have had their own holiday on every June’s last Sunday even since 1893, in Ciresoaia town or “The land of cherries”. Within this festival, the locals compete themselves by showing as much as possible tasty and beautiful varieties and put them at the participants’ disposal. In 2012, the participants chose from 2 tons of cherries and a giant bell made from cherries, weighing 100 kilograms, was the symbol of the festival and everybody’s joy.The maximum level of cherries production in Romania was reached in 2006 (104.791 tons) followed by a minimum level in 2007 (65163 tons) due to unfavorable meteo conditions that affected the whole cherry production. In the next years, the production grew gradually and reached at 81842 tons in 2011.

Why do we like cherries?

Because these little fruits remind us of our childhood, when at least once we put cherries to our ears making the most beautiful earrings, when the unforgettable taste of various kinds of cherry jams makes us think of various sorts of delicious cookies prepared by our beloved and of the taste of cherry juice that we were passionately looking for every time in the goodies pantry.

Why choose cherries?

If you want to re-live your childhood, then you know the answer. Choose these delicious little friends that contain various nourishing substances that ensure your organism both physical and mental daily necessary energy. Choose Romanian cherries that assure you, beside a trip back in time of your childhood, when everything was possible, a balanced diet that can be turned into a delicious daily habit that harmonize taste and color. We bring to your table the freshest and most natural fruits from our orchards, at high quality and safety standards. We invite you to discover the famous Romanian cherries that will charm your senses through their savor.